Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance

Don’t leave your members stranded! Roadside Assistance is there for your members and their immediate family to help with a flat tire, lock-out, battery, collision and towing—with coverage up to $80. They will even bring fuel, oil, fluid and water 24/7.


Limit one service within 72 hours and five services per year. This is not an insurance product. For a complete explanation of this benefit read Terms and Conditions.

What Members Say

“I got into an accident and could not drive my car home. I called Roadside Assistance and they were so nice. They picked up my car in 30 minutes and delivered it to my house. It didn’t cost me anything! It was a wonderful experience. Not only did they pick my car up in record time, but they also worked hard to save me money and were very nice during the whole ordeal.”

Jessica G., TX

“I was returning home from San Francisco. After defrosting my car at the Dayton airport, I headed home. I started hearing this thumping sound and pulled over to find out that my driver’s side rear tire had blown and was shredded. Knowing that I had a space but no jack, I sat there preparing myself mentally to change a tire in 10 degree cold and snow on the side of the highway. I reached for my discount card and called Roadside Assistance. After a very helpful operator was about to pinpoint my location, in less than 30 minutes a local tow service got there to get my spare on and tire off. I was back on the road in ten minutes.”

Bernard C., OH

“Great service. Got here fast and fixed the problem.”

Tracy M.


This program is NOT insurance coverage, not intended to replace insurance, and does not meet the minimum creditable coverage requirements under the Affordable Care Act or Massachusetts M.G.L. c. 111M and 956 CRM 5.00. It contains a 30-day cancellation period, provides discounts only at the offices of contracted health care providers, and each member is obligated to pay the discounted medical charges in full at the point of service. For a complete list of disclosures, click here. Discount Plan Organization: New Benefits, Ltd., Attn: Compliance Department, PO Box 803475, Dallas, TX 75380-3475.